Zelyonka is a non-profit and non-governmental cultural organization (NGO); its main activity is focused on preparing, organizing and running educational and cultural events in the area of contemporary dance.
Zelyonka is a core member of the non-governmental organization "Ukrainian Association "Contemporary Dance Platform".

Zelyonka's Mission:

Creating opportunities for the development of the dance community and the audience of contemporary dance and dance theater in Ukraine by organizing educational projects, festivals and attracting a wide range of professional and audiences to participate in dance projects.
ZelyonkaFest Contemporary dance Festival
The main event of the Association "Contemporary Dance Platform" is the annual international festival of contemporary dance ZelyonkaFest, which is traditionally held in April, starting in 2010.

From 2014, the ZelyonkaFest hosts special educational projects aimed at the development of Ukrainian choreographers and presentation their works to professionals from European countries.
The main goals of the Zelyonka:
Implementation of educational and performative projects
Enhance communication between choreographers and artists of other genres of contemporary art in Ukraine and further afield

Active communication with audiences
About contemporary dance

Using the term "contemporary dance", we mean the form of dance, which is not limited with any lexical or musical canons. "Contemporary dance" is not connected with any certain location or a way of presentation.

This form of dance is the embodiment of connection between people and between the objects in space and time, in which they exist. In a way, contemporary dance is a manner of physical expression of relations between human and time, in the movement: the author (a choreographer of contemporary dance) explores and feels the outside world in the perspective important for him, reacts to it through his body and presents his perception to the audience.

The choreographer and the spectator are equal participants of the process of presentation of contemporary dance and can equally count themselves the authors of the obtained result.
The founders and organizers of the festival in 2010 was Anton Ovchinnikov and the Black O!range Dance Theater.
The first festival took place during one evening, consisting of two parts, one of which included only miniatures of the Black O!Range theater. In 2010, the repertoire of the Black O!Range consisted of 6 full evening performances and two dozen miniatures.

In order to celebrate the closing of the season with their colleagues, the choreographers of the Black O! Range Theater invited to take part in a concert their friends from Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia and Kharkiv. It's so unexpected that a regular concert was followed by a festival that the organizers decided to do annually ...

The artist who took part in the first Festival were: Olga Kebas (Kyiv), Ruslan Baranov and Svetlana Pashko (Kyiv), Alyona and Alexander Perepelitsa (Kiev), Independent Choreographic Association (Kyiv), Anzhelika Nikolayeva (Dnipropetrovsk), Lyubov Zarembo (Dnipropetrovsk ), Dance Theater "Streams" by Olena Budnitskaya (Dnipropetrovsk), Black O! Range dance theater (Kiev).
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